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June 15 2018

Fishing has been hit or miss this last week. Weather has been pretty warm and not much wind. Roy Rosbacka, like usual, did great. His group has been coming for close to 40 years so they know every spot on the lake. He did real well trolling black and white, and orange spoons for LakersContinue Reading

May 30

We started late up here due to the late spring. They had a big ice storm in March so clearing the portage lake paths has been a big job. Lots of trees down. This last week has been very hot and humid but now a cold front has come thru and it’s around 60. TheContinue Reading

June cancellations have become catastrophic

Due to several groups changing the dates recently or having different numbers than originally thought, reservations will not be wrote down in the book until $250 per person has been received for 2019. Sorry but absolutely no exceptions. It’s mostly my fault due to being a poor business man and letting people book with noContinue Reading

MAY 1 2018

We are going to have an EXTREMELY LATE ice put up at Atikwa this year. It’s May 1 and the ice isn’t off the lakes for the open water fishing in Northern Wisconsin. I can’t believe our ice out won’t be til very end of May to early June. Who knows with the weather butContinue Reading


Im sorry to tell everyone the our family and camp dog Duke had to be put down recently. He was a great, friendly dog who was with me all the time for 15 years. He’s been at Atikwa since we bought the place and loved swimming and playing with the kids especially. He was aContinue Reading

Hauling Material for new cabin Mid September

The new cabin will be started soon and hopefully will be under roof by mid/end of October. Then spring of 2018 we will finish it. It’s been a real hassle getting everything here and not knowing for sure when it will be finished in the spring. Im having to stay up here a lot longerContinue Reading

September 20 2017we’re

The bear hunt went well this year with lots of bear hitting the baits and coming in during shooting hours. We had a great hunting group in that took most of our tags. They had a 100% kill with another wounded and not recovered. Too bad. The group, Hank, Matt, Shorty, Joe, Cody, Johnny, John,Continue Reading

Bear hunt starting September 8

We have been baiting bear for a month and a half now and almost all are being hit. Some with several bear hitting one bait. We have several 250-350 pounds hitting but no real monster yet. Several are sure pope and young animals and one is a true trophy boar. Not 400+ but getting close.Continue Reading

RIP new outhouse

I forgot to put in the last update that our brand new outhouse went up in flames. It was beautiful. What a bummer Todd


a couple days ago cabin 3 caught fire in the early morning. We managed to get a fire helicopter on scene but the old cabin was way too far gone. It’s a total loss with only metal left. Also cabin 4 was damaged and would have went up in flames except for Kyle, Collin andContinue Reading