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a couple days ago cabin 3 caught fire in the early morning. We managed to get a fire helicopter on scene but the old cabin was way too far gone. It’s a total loss with only metal left. Also cabin 4 was damaged and would have went up in flames except for Kyle, Collin and members of the Larkin camp pouring buckets of water on it. Thank God nobody was hurt!! We have no idea why it would have caught fire. Nobody was using it, the propane was shut off and there isn’t much else to do it. The insurance people came out and determined it was not our fault and suggested lightning, even though nobody saw or heard it. We’ll probably never know. The problem is that it’s our biggest cabin and the closest to the dock. It’s the first one on the left as you go up the ramp. On the bright side we will rebuild and it will be nice, the down side is it’s going to be a difficult job getting this done. I’ve never had this big of a project and not sure where to start. Having a fly in place makes everything 1000% more difficult and not sure on regulations. We do need this cabin, no doubt, and can’t imagine running a June without it. We’ll have to see how quickly it can get done. I’ve had to cancel all the big groups for the rest of the year but if you haven’t been personally contacted by me your trip is still on. Bear hunting is still on and a lot of the fishing trips. To the people we’ve had to cancel we are very sorry. If there was anything we could do, we would do it.
We will be working hard to get a new cabin up for next year and will let everyone know when it is.
Please don’t call the camp phone for a couple weeks, it was damaged. Email any questions to
I hope this season gets better

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