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How to fish Atikwa lake early

When ice first goes off Atikwa the best thing to do is fish white 1/8 1/4 oz jig heads with a white twister tail. Cast and slowly reel in or jig aggressively back and enjoy the hit. Fish the mouths of bays, and even back into the bay. They stay in shallow water until it gets over 60 degrees. If you like trolling make sure your lure is at least 100’ behind boat and use small colorful crankbaits that go 10’-20’ down or colorful spoons in orange and silver hammered or blues and silver. Biggest mistake people make early is believing the trout are down deep. Sometimes you can see them on the locator at 80’ but those aren’t the ones hitting. Vertical jig white twister tails, diver vibes and Heddon Sonars off points or mouths of big bays. Northern will be in shallow bays and off points. Don’t be throwing giant lures you’ve seen on videos where they were fishing in September. Subtle fishing with rapala husky jerks, red and white and 5 of diamonds spoons. Also the great jig and white twister tails. 2 years ago I was guiding and slowly trolling 1/8 oz twister tails and we caught 2 40” fat northern at the same time coming around a point. Understanding boat control and where ur lure is in relationship to the bottom is key. Walleye will be shallow, shallow, wherever there is moving water, or structure along shore line. Main lake u need to troll crawler harnesses until u can find them. Then use jig/crawler,leech combos. Do not bring minnows due to they die too quickly, salted minnows work but I like crawlers or even Calamari strips. DO NOT USE BRAIDED LINE OF ANY KIND EXCEPT FOR NORTHERN AND MUSKY AND EVEN THEN I HATE IT! You will catch 10-1 trout/walleye using mono instead of braid. And mono doesn’t ruin lower units on outboards or does it make eagles, otters, osprey, beaver etc. have terrible, tortured deaths getting tangled in that crap.

Cheers! Todd

May Fishing report

We have had our first group in camp this week. Very hot weather and the fishing suffered a little bit. The Terry Holloway group was here and they still caught quite a few trout. George Olsen got a 36″ laker not too far from the dock and they had a few other big ones upContinue Reading

August 28 2017

fishing has been excellent on the main lake. Jim  with Rosbacka group got a 33″ monster trout. Zudyk’s group also got a huge 31″.they really put on the pounds after they get to 30″+.  I fished quite a bit last week with my daughter Sam. We got tons of trout with her getting the biggest,Continue Reading

Fishing report for our whiney guest Evan Greiner

Ive been reminded by our guest, EVAN GREINER, that I haven’t been putting enough reports on the website and he’s sitting in Ohio, bored. Fishing all through June has been excellent. Dan Doherty and Gary Ficken did great as always. They’ve been coming to Atikwa for years and always fished northern and lakers until theContinue Reading

Start of Season

season has started and the first guests left yesterday. Terry Holloways group caught about 400 trout and some nice sized pike. They’re almost exclusively after trout and they do great year after year. This year the average size was bigger than normal they said. They like to troll but if you want to get biggerContinue Reading

Reservations are filling up fast for 2017

Our reservation book is filling fast with may and most of June being full already. We have about 90% repeat business so it’s great to see all our old friends. It also seems like everyone has a bigger group too! Thanks to John Owen and Craig Sesemann who is bringing a huge group this year.Continue Reading

September fishing

now that cool temps are here it should finally make the lakers more aggressive. We’ve found giant schools of them but thy have been hitting slow. Had some great catches but not as many as usual. Northerns have been doing well and the bigger ones getting caught deeper. Marv Burd from California caught his biggestContinue Reading

June 22 2016

Water temp is starting to inch upward but still way behind what’s normal for this time of year. Northern are still in shallower water and not up on the reefs in big numbers yet. Walleye on the main lake has been good for Atikwa lake standards. We don’t get numbers here but do get someContinue Reading

June 8 2016 fishing report

Fishing has been excellent since we got in here this year. Even the days of huge rains only shut it down for awhile. Lots of walleye being caught in the portage lakes. Scott Sheneke group has caught several 27″ walleye and just got back today from the Musky lake where they caught 6. All inContinue Reading

Lake Trout are everywhere May 30

Fishing has been excellent! Lakers are all over the place, this time of year they can be found anywhere in the water column from right at the top to down 80′. The more active ones are from the top to 20′.  Wally divers in bubble gum color that dive to 15′ and gold and orangeContinue Reading