Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

Bear hunt starting September 8

We have been baiting bear for a month and a half now and almost all are being hit. Some with several bear hitting one bait. We have several 250-350 pounds hitting but no real monster yet. Several are sure pope and young animals and one is a true trophy boar. Not 400+ but getting close. Hard to tell lots of times on the trail pics. We are using blueberry muffin mix with several other things but they really love that muffin mix. We’ve had a terrible blueberry crop and cool weather which makes bear move and look for food. I believe we will still get at least one monster coming, we have some time yet. I have a group from Illinois coming September 8 and we need to pray for cool dry weather. Heat will make them move less and at night. The biggest thing to pray for is safety and good, clean, kill shots.

We are in the process of getting quotes for the new cabin that has to be built and the one that was damaged. Everything is difficult with a fly in camp. I’m not sure how we’re going to get all the things needed for this large project. In 1951 Johnson cut, stripped and dried the trees himself. It’s not even legal to do that anymore. Working with insurance companies and builders I don’t know is going to be a real hasssle. But what can we do? It will be nice when it’s done.


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