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June Fishing Atikwa Lake Lodge

June 2023 has come and gone. We had a couple stints of hot weather, but all in all it’s been a pretty nice month. The last week we’ve been getting rain daily and we needed it. Hopefully one day the fire ban will be lifted and we can get back to doing our delicious shore lunches! 

The fishing in June was very good. It started with the Owen group catching a ton of fish of all species. The trout fishing was great and they caught a handful of walleye over 30″ as well many beautiful walleye over 27″. 

Roger Futrell and his gang arrived next. Roger put on a trout fishing clinic for 5 day, the trout were happy to see him boarding the plane at the end of their trip. He said it was the most fantastic trout fishing he’s ever had up here and he’s been coming for years. Kim thurs got on the big fish board with a 31″ walleye. Dean and Kathy were on fire catching a few big northern pike and having a great day catching walleyes in one of our portage lakes. Larry Meyer caught the biggest fish of the season so far with a big pike, the head on it was huge!

Dan and Jon Schantz had a great 7 days of fishing as always, with Dan landing the biggest fish he’s caught up here in 30 years. A 42″ submarine of a Northern pike.

The Bolton’s arrived for their 7 day trip and were ready to catch some fish. They caught a whole bunch of big walleyes with Larry’s 31″ pig being the biggest. Some of our back lakes have been walleye factories with guests going in to collect their ‘eaters’ as fish under 20″ are hard to find on the big lake. Jim Nogle is getting the walleye touch as he’s jigged up big Atikwa walleye from various reefs on the lake. 

The weather forecast for early July looks great, not too hot and a bit of rain. The bugs haven’t been too bad this year aside from the ticks and tick season is looking like it’s nearly behind us for the summer.

That’s all for now. Can’t wait to see you’s on the dock!

Kyle & Niisch

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