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September 20 2017we’re

The bear hunt went well this year with lots of bear hitting the baits and coming in during shooting hours. We had a great hunting group in that took most of our tags. They had a 100% kill with another wounded and not recovered. Too bad. The group, Hank, Matt, Shorty, Joe, Cody, Johnny, John, Jared, and Glenn came just for fishing. They all were a lot of fun and excellent hunters. They went and sat long hours when we told them they should and were great shots. Only 1 wounded out of 8 is a great kill rate compared to years past. We had many real nice bear coming in and at least 3 color phase bear. The hunters that were in got small to medium bear with one very nice one pushing 300 pounds. We of course always want to see the biggest ones taken but everyone has a different idea of success and as long as the hunter is happy with his kill, we’re happy. Collin Stocking was another hunter and missed a 300 pound bear with a 30/30 at 15 yards. I know that sounds impossible but I’ve seen it so many times now that obviously it’s easier than I thought to miss them. I went to go help look for the wounded bear John hit, I went to grab my shotgun and proceeded to fall down the steps, tearing 4 ligaments. I had to fly out and now I’m in a boot/cast for 4 weeks and have o close this place down hobbling around

2017 hasn’t been a good year for me


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