Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

MAY 1 2018

We are going to have an EXTREMELY LATE ice put up at Atikwa this year. It’s May 1 and the ice isn’t off the lakes for the open water fishing in Northern Wisconsin. I can’t believe our ice out won’t be til very end of May to early June. Who knows with the weather but reports are that the ice is just starting to melt and they have had a hard winter in our area. Lots of snow and cold. This also means that our new cabin that we started building in September will not be done by the opening of camp. And it won’t even be close. I was praying for an early spring so we had May to get it done but instead is going to be one of the latest ice outs in history. The guests in May will almost definitely have their trips cancelled and the ones in early June will be very close. On the bright side with the late ice out the fishing should be fantastic, with cold water certainly into July. Northern fishing may be slow due to the extremely cold water early but by mid June should be great.


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