Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

June 15 2018

Fishing has been hit or miss this last week. Weather has been pretty warm and not much wind. Roy Rosbacka, like usual, did great. His group has been coming for close to 40 years so they know every spot on the lake. He did real well trolling black and white, and orange spoons for Lakers and 1 oz red and white with the copper back Daredevils and Husky jerks for northern. They caught quite a few large walleye by accident trolling for Northern. Ross Meirs group did well on the portage lakes with Bear Trap being the best this year. Last year it was Old Camp but that was a little slow. They went in to Musky lake 1 day and caught 6 but nothing big. The trout are hitting Diver vibes and Zzingers close to camp but  also have been getting them trolling deep diving cranks right down the middle. Dan Doherty caught a 29” walleye yesterday in the middle of a hot, still, sunny day on the main lake and it was huge. Mark Neuman and his wife brought his family up and they were fun to have in camp. He has a wonderful family with his daughters loving to be outdoors and just made the camp a nicer place to be. We miss them now that they left. Some of them got up the nerve to try the jump rock but not all of them, Callie was concerned but she ended up jumping anyway. So far in camp this season the biggest surprise is the number and size of walleye coming out of the main lake. We have many 26” and over and when their that long here at Atikwa they are fat as pigs. They look like torpedoes. We’ve been getting lots of nice northern but the really big ones have not been getting caught this last week. Toby from the Neuman group got a big, fat 31” and we’ve got several close to 35” lately but the real big ones are probably transitioning from the bays to the rocky reefs where the rock bass will be spawning. Best lures are Rattletraps, Husky Jerks, White #5Mepps, White shadraps for trolling and of course the 1/8 oz jig and white twister tail always is good. This week it is hot, humid and completely flat so I’m a little worried about the fishing to come. Need some wind and cloud cover. Be careful of the sun, we’ve had some pretty bad burns already


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