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Lake Condition and what’s new this year

The lake is about a foot low on its level but nothing to worry about. I kinda like it this way. We had planned on having all new Yamaha motors this year. They’ve all been paid for and even delivered, then we found out they sent us short shaft motors instead of long. We hadContinue Reading

Fall is here

As I look out the office window it looks like a November day in Wisconsin. Windy, big waves, cool temps, I love it. Feels like hunting season. I think the 80s are gone for good hopefully. Next week his are all in the 60s so perfect for bear hunting. Fishing should take a little hitContinue Reading

2016 bear hunt begins monday

This should be an excellent bear hunt here at Atikwa this year. We have more and bigger bear hitting than we’ve ever seen. Our new bait this year has worked out great and their coming to the popcorn and mix like crazy. We have several new baits this year and all are getting hit hard.Continue Reading

Enjoy Mother Nature. Shut your electronics off for once!!

so far it’s been a much cooler than average season. Days in 60s and low 70s and nights in the low 50s. I love it. But now we’re going to see some days in the 80s and sunny. Still pretty wet up here so we don’t need any rain for awhile. Our new freezer isContinue Reading

June 8 2016 cool days and cold nights

weather up here has been very cool for this time of year. Nights have been in the 30s and 40s and the day’s low 60s. Nice weather but the water temp is taking awhile to warm up. Starting to dry out so the walks to the portage lakes are too bad anymore. Except to BearContinue Reading

May 30 2016 Lots of rain lately

We have had a lot of rain in the last week but still the fire ban is on. The MNR has been on so many large fires west and north of here I think they want to get caught up before they take the ban off. The woods is soaking wet so I can’t imagineContinue Reading

May 27 2016

The camp is up and running. Always takes awhile to get all the boats and motors ready and everything repaired that got broke over the winter. A bear was in camp and made a big mess for us after we left last year. It got into everything. We’re lucky he didn’t do more damage. WaterContinue Reading

May 10 2016 Extreme forest fire danger

The ice is off and Jake and I are getting ready to get into camp. We are currently waiting for our permits that will let us into Canada and then permits to get to camp. We hate this time of year having to deal with government regulations and people who don’t care if we’re thereContinue Reading

Schaumburg IL show this weekend

I will be at the Schaumburg IL show January 28-31. If your in the area call me and I’ll get u in for free. I could use the company, sometimes the shows are so boring. Call my cell at 262-893-5987 or text me. I’ll be doing shows in Milwaukee, St Cloud, and Minneapolis yet thisContinue Reading

2016 is filling up fast

Usually this is kind of the dead time of year when we get few people booking early. This year has been completely different. We’ve had our regulars booking super early and quite a few who have been up before but due to the economy hasn’t been able to come lately. We already have most ofContinue Reading