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Ice Out 2023

Hello everybody!

Spring is in the air in Northwestern Ontario. The melt is on and soon we’ll be in boats enjoying long summer days on the water. With any luck the ice will be out in the next two weeks and we’ll get a boat in the water to begin opening camp for the summer.

We’re Looking forward to seeing the first plane at the dock. Not much has changed at camp, everything seemed to winter well. We’ve got a new boathouse we’re looking forward to using this year after last year’s high water took the old one out. We’ve also got a new camp dog named Niisch, she’s excited to meet her new friends returning from a day’s fishing.

Our first group is the Holloway group, they’re our first guests every spring and regularly catch north of 500 trout on their 4 day trip. Following them will be the Harnett family looking to find a few giant Atikwa walleye and maybe spend a some time adventuring our many small portage lakes that have almost 0 fishing pressure and many walleye in them. Black lake in particular is a great spring fishery and is a small lake so it makes locating the fish a lot less time consuming. First of June the Owen group will be arriving and they’ll be on the hunt for anything that swims. They usually have a great week and catch a ton of fish all over both Atikwa and our many back lakes.

I Will keep everyone updated on here about fishing, water levels, and any other information as the season progresses. If you’ve got any questions or queries you can reach me at either 431 – 831- 9312 by phone or email Look forward to chatting!

That’s all for now.

Tight lines everybody, can’t wait to see you at Atikwa!

Kyle & Niisch

2022 season is on

Sorry I didn’t put a post earlier but I thought I was and the website was having a problem. I hope they have it fixed now. After 21/2 years Atikwa lake lodge will be opening. There is some monumental challenges we are facing still. The biggest problem is that u have to be vaccinated stillContinue Reading

Canadian government gives more bad news

The Canada border service agency contacted me today to say they are canceling all work permit applications until May 23 with a good chance of extension. Jake and I had applied for our yearly work permit as usual in the hopes that this border closure would end in time for us to open camp likeContinue Reading

Happy New Year

I thought I would let everyone know what’s going on up at ATIKWA. Nothing. Border is still closed with no information on when it may open. I’ve been having a lot of people asking if the border will be open by May. I have no idea, I wish I did. I hate this not knowingContinue Reading

2020 season is closed due to virus and too many cancellations

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this in a month and a half but I just haven’t had any information to share. I’ve been trying to find out when border would open and was hoping it would by June 1. It’s not going to, so the miracle I was hoping for isn’t going to happen. I’mContinue Reading

March 13 2020 Coronovirus

Its hard to believe I’m having to write this message but I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from guests about crossing the border with the Corona virus taking over and I’ve actually had some cancellations. Opening of camp is over 2 months away and I would think the world will be getting back toContinue Reading

BEAR HUNTING HAS STARTED Weather has been terrible

The bear hunt has started with 2 hunters from Oklahoma. Hudd Pfizer harvested a nice one right away but then the weather turned bad. Pouring rain and 30-40 mph winds for the next 6 days. Zach Derrick saw several bear but passed on them but then at the last minute of the last evening heContinue Reading

Bear Baiting has started.

We started our bear baiting in mid July and have made several new stands. We also have changed several single ladder stands to doubles so that leaves just a couple singles left. It’s august 15 and we have 18 baits being hit, some with several different bear hitting. We found some new, fantastic bait thisContinue Reading

Late season fishing starting

Temperatures are starting to cool off and night time temps are dropping into lower 50s. That means trout start schooling up which makes them perfect for vertical jigging, big northern drop into deeper ledges and rock piles, walleye start moving deep and will eventually head out over open water. They are still fairly shallow inContinue Reading

June 12 Cold spring

The water temperature is still very cold for this time of year. We had a few hot days but then went right back to cold. That means the fish are fairly shallow yet. Northern have been lethargic due to the water temps but we’ve gotten a couple over 40” and a bunch in the 30s.Continue Reading