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Hauling Material for new cabin Mid September

The new cabin will be started soon and hopefully will be under roof by mid/end of October. Then spring of 2018 we will finish it. It’s been a real hassle getting everything here and not knowing for sure when it will be finished in the spring. Im having to stay up here a lot longer than usual getting the material, insurance problems and getting ready for construction workers. Im ready to get back home and this cast on my ankle isn’t helping my mood. Im gonna be smiling when I finally get to cross the border into Wisconsin. We’ve also had a small bear coming into camp every night and was on the dock a few days ago then climbed a tree. I’ve warned him but he’s not listening so he’s probably gonna have to go. He’s gonna cause too much damage as soon as we leave. Also had a wolf in camp recently so it’s just been a zoo around here.


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