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Lake Trout are everywhere May 30

Fishing has been excellent! Lakers are all over the place, this time of year they can be found anywhere in the water column from right at the top to down 80′. The more active ones are from the top to 20′. ¬†Wally divers in bubble gum color that dive to 15′ and gold and orangeContinue Reading

Terry Holloway group did great on Lakers

the Terry Holloway group from Minnesota did their usual great job catching lakers on Atikwa. They’ve come for years now and really know the lake. We like them cuz they Love Lake Trout and know how to get them. Not that it’s too hard on Atikwa in May. One person in the group caught 41Continue Reading

Early spring is almost for sure

The winter in NW Ontario has bee extremely mild. There was still open water at Christmas time and I’m told there is only about 18″ of ice on the lakes now. That’s less than 1/2 of a normal winter at this time. Early ice out means fish should be moving out of the extreme shallowsContinue Reading

2015 fishing was excellent

We had a lot of great fishing up at Atikwa this past year. Some of the best fishing in June was had by the Rodger Futrell group. They caught tons of trout again and have got trout jigging down to a science now. They have all their “spots” now over the last 10 years andContinue Reading

September 10

Fishing has been good lately. Dean, Evan, josh and steve from Ohio caught their limit of everything like usual. Made us a great steak dinner and helped us drag a bear out of the woods. Thanks to all of them for the help but especially the very young at heart, strong as a bull andContinue Reading

August 21

We just got done with a bad week of fishing. Seemed like everything was just following or not hitting at all. Pretty much the hottest water temp of the year always coincides with a drop in the fishing for a week or 2. Musky have been just following, but lots of them. I guided theContinue Reading

August 1

Its been very nice weather up here for this time of year. Not too hot and humid. The lake trout are still hitting jigging but trolling seems to be working a little better. I guided last week and still caught some in 15′ of water trolling for pike, so you never know where they’ll be.Continue Reading

June 21

Walleye fishing in the portage lakes has really turned on. large catches in Crooked and Storm lakes have been taken in the last few days. Schillings went into Storm and got as many as they wanted during mid day today. They also went to kMusky lake and caught a couple and had a bunch ofContinue Reading

June 14

The fishing in the last 6 days has been very good to awesome at times. The trout are really starting to pile in at spots so the jigging is getting to be excellent. Bruce and David Turner have found the trout trolling and jigging. Today was very windy, rainy and cold so as the restContinue Reading

June 6 D Day

Dan Schantz party left today.missed talking to them as I was hauling bear bait from Wisconsin. They did kill the northern in Rainmaker lake as usual. A double portage so doesn’t get fished much but they always go in and love it. Biggest trout in their 4 days was a big 29″. They caught aContinue Reading