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Lake Trout are everywhere May 30

Fishing has been excellent! Lakers are all over the place, this time of year they can be found anywhere in the water column from right at the top to down 80′. The more active ones are from the top to 20′. ¬†Wally divers in bubble gum color that dive to 15′ and gold and orange spoons trolled at least 50 yards behind the boat is killing them. Lots of nice, take home northerns are being caught, fat 27″ but the water is cold so the bigger ones are a little lethargic. 5 of diamond spoons, Pelican spoons and #5 white Mepps with Willow blades are working great. Caught our first musky today, a fat 38″ so that was nice to see. Nobody’s walleye fishing, but that will change soon.


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