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June 6 D Day

Dan Schantz party left today.missed talking to them as I was hauling bear bait from Wisconsin. They did kill the northern in Rainmaker lake as usual. A double portage so doesn’t get fished much but they always go in and love it. Biggest trout in their 4 days was a big 29″. They caught a lot of trout but almost all trolling. They just couldn’t find them stacked up yet. They always go into Trout lake portage and do great too. That is almost an untouched lake due to the main lake being such a great trout lake. It should be fished more. Roy Rosbacka group is in camp for the 36th year. Yesterday they caught over 50 trout all trolling. I don’t think Roy even knows how to cast, he’s trolling crazy, but it always works. They’ll be back again in September like usual.

This post has nothing to do with D Day other than its June 6th And the 70th anniversary. Made me think about it a because a month ago jake and I were in Europe with our families and we stood on Omaha beach. Awesome!

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