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2015 fishing was excellent

We had a lot of great fishing up at Atikwa this past year. Some of the best fishing in June was had by the Rodger Futrell group. They caught tons of trout again and have got trout jigging down to a science now. They have all their “spots” now over the last 10 years and have been killing the lakers. It’s been a great feeling for me personally teaching Roger vertical jigging for trout. He’s 83? and was the person who took me to canada for the first time when I was 17. Jigging for trout was unheard of back then and getting a handful of lakers trolling or sucker chunking was a big deal. Now we can catch in a day what we caught all trip back then. Now Roger brings his grandkids son and son in law and have a great time every year. He promises he’s coming til he’s 90. He better. Paul Zudyk and his son came for the second time and Paul caught his biggest walleye of his life in crooked lake, a 32″ monster. Mike Bertrand’s 9 year old daughter also caught her biggest walleye of her life, a 31″ on the main lake in September. I also took her out and she caught a 28″ trout so she was on fire. The Scott Corwin, Dave Kennedy, and John Owen groups all did real well like usual. Not enough space to tell all the fish stories though. I’m sorry I missed a lot of people during the first part of the year due to knee surgery. Everything is back to normal now and look forward to seeing everyone in 2016. Unless something else falls apart on me again which seems to be happening more often now than it used to. Reservations are coming in the fastest and earliest than jake or I have ever seen so get your deposits in for 2016 to reserve your time slot.

Thanks to all our guests in 2015. Jake and I really appreciate it!


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