Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

June 21

Walleye fishing in the portage lakes has really turned on. large catches in Crooked and Storm lakes have been taken in the last few days. Schillings went into Storm and got as many as they wanted during mid day today. They also went to kMusky lake and caught a couple and had a bunch of follows. Musky has been doing real well with the Dan Starmach taking a few real nice fish and seeing some very big ones. Trout fishing on the main lake has been awesome and still catching trout just about everywhere. Dylan Sitarski caught a 34″ monster trout right in front of camp last week. An 8th grader and his first fish at Atikwa. 34″ doesn’t do it justice since it was also the largest head and girth of any trout I’ve seen. A true trophy fish! Dylan was part of the john owen group who like usual caught a ton of fish. Last year john got the largest northern of the year but not to be this year. They got several fish close to 40″ but nothing bigger. ┬áJohn, Brett and Craig Sesseman went into the musky lake and caught several pushing 40″.


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