Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

August 1

Its been very nice weather up here for this time of year. Not too hot and humid. The lake trout are still hitting jigging but trolling seems to be working a little better. I guided last week and still caught some in 15′ of water trolling for pike, so you never know where they’ll be. Pike have been hitting trolling fat crankbaits close to shore in 10’to15′ down. Has to show rocky boulders on the depthfinders and they will be there. If its windy the rocky reefs and sunken islands are good for casting. Weeds are around now so if you find deep weeds everything will be there. Portage lake walleye fishing has really heated up. Bugs are bad on the trails to and from but the fish are biting. Water level has went back to normal so you don’t need boots for the boat house anymore.

Getting to be a nice time of year to be up here as fall is approaching


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