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Early spring is almost for sure

The winter in NW Ontario has bee extremely mild. There was still open water at Christmas time and I’m told there is only about 18″ of ice on the lakes now. That’s less than 1/2 of a normal winter at this time.

Early ice out means fish should be moving out of the extreme shallows before season even begins. Trout will be migrating out of the bays into the deeper slots where they really concentrate and can get some huge numbers. One of the best spots is the slot on the west side of camp on the west shoreline. Walleyes should be long done spawning and will be feeding on the muddy flats or wherever first weed lines come up. Northern will be in the boulders and deeper weeds. This of course all depends on what the spring wether brings. If it stays cold and keeps the water temp down until season starts it can be a totally different scenario. That’s the mystery of fishing and why it’s always interesting.

EVERYTHING depends on the weather!


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