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Bear are finally coming to the baits regularly and have some nice ones coming in. Blueberry crop is only moderate this year so that helps. Starting some new baits tomorrow for a test and will have some more coming up. Todd

Braided line. A scam on the North American fisherman

FISH CAN SEE LINE! The new fishing  lines all the tackle places sell today, ie spider wire, triple braid, etc are not necessary. They are made to pull 8 pound bass out of heavy cover, or cast for large northern and musky. But most people have them on ALL their reels. For walleye, trout, andContinue Reading

High water is causing logs and debris

The hi water is causing a lot of logs and other things to be pulled off of the shore line. A boat hit a floating log a few days ago and completely ruined our stainless steel skag protector. It did save the lower unit which saved the 2 guys $1500, so be very careful. TheContinue Reading


It has rained several inches again in the last few hours. Rainy River is flooding all along the border. Roads have been washed out in several places so be careful as you drive from Fort Frances to the junction. Emo and Rainy River has been hit especially hard. Here in camp you must bring good,Continue Reading

June 14

Very wet up here! It rained up here for almost 24 hours straight so the camp is a muddy mess. Also the portage lake trails are muddy and slippery. Bear Trap portage is almost impassable due to the water. More rain on the way, off and on for the next 7 days. It’s been coolContinue Reading

Mosquito Hell

Unfortunately I’ve never seen the Mosquitos as bad as they are this year. It is making going to a portage lake almost unbearable. Something has happened to make the perfect storm for mosquito hatching. On the good news the last storm just missed us to the south and dumped huge amounts of rain that IContinue Reading

Most repairs are finished

Atikwa lake lodge was hit hard by last winter. Today we finished the last power line and mast that was ripped off cabin 7. Also the deck on cabin 7 collapsed due to the snow load and we finally got that jacked up and new supports flown in and installed. Generator is fixed and theContinue Reading

May 27 2014 water is warming fast

For the last week its been in the 70’s near 80 and sunny. Water temp is still cold but will warm up fast with the weather the way it’s been. Frank Hanson group is catching lots of trout trolling small cranks. Franks been here 6 times and yesterday he got off the plane and inContinue Reading

Atikwalakelodge is open for 2014

Ice went out even later than last year so a very late start to the 2014 season. Water is very cold and extremely high. Bring rubber boots since our boat house has flooded and you will be up to your ankles at least. We barely got the camp ready in time for our guests todayContinue Reading

The 2014 season is approaching.

The winter that never ends is finally coming to an end. We are looking forward to a great season at Atikwa this year. Apparently so is everyone else. Our booking are up quite a bit this year. If anyone is procrastinating or on the fence about coming up, you will need to act fast. WeContinue Reading