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Braided line. A scam on the North American fisherman

FISH CAN SEE LINE! The new fishing  lines all the tackle places sell today, ie spider wire, triple braid, etc are not necessary. They are made to pull 8 pound bass out of heavy cover, or cast for large northern and musky. But most people have them on ALL their reels. For walleye, trout, and even panfish. It’s ridiculous! Finesse fishing means trying to keep the fish from seeing too much of your presentation. When you have an 1/8th oz jig slowly working the bottom and then a piece of green cable as line going to your reel its not gonna work well. People have crazy expensive line on rods and reels that aren’t worth as much as the line cost. Sure you can pull a car up from the bottom of the lake with spider wire, but hardly necessary. Put the money into good rods and reels instead that you’ll have for a lifetime. Also the new lines are an environmental nightmare. Eagles, loons, otter and others get tangled in that garbage and can never get out and eventually die a terrible death since that line won’t deteriorate for a century. Not to mention what it does to our lower units of our motors!

Do yourselves a favor, save some money and buy fluorocarbon or plain Trilene XL or similar. And buy yourselves a St Croix rod with a reel that the gears won’t blow out of it on the first lake trout you catch.


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