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Cinnamon/blonde bear taken! Plus more

The last 2 weeks have been excellent bear hunting. Pete Hohn and Dez Weber each arrowed nice bear and made it easy on us making perfect shots. Pete’s had a nice white patch on it, perfect for a full body mount. They saw a few other bear but had some weather issues to begin the hunt. Dez had a chance at a bigger bear that came in but just wouldn’t give him a shot. I did a honey burn for him to try and get the one that was coming in just after dark and it worked perfectly. They were great guys to have in camp, hunted hard and had a good time catching lakers too. Jim from Wisconsin and john from Texas came for a 4 day hunt and had some weather problems too. Jim saw several nice bear and john passed on a shooter as well but was waiting for the big cinnamon.

Rich Wasilewski and Jeff Adams just left and had an awesome hunt. Jeff shot a BEAUTIFUL once in a lifetime, chocolate, cinnamon, blonde mix. Had a blonde streak running down its back. Came into second foreleg bait the first 3 hours he sat. Was a new bear that just started hitting. Around 300 lbs with a nice head on it. Jeff had a chance at a huge black the first afternoon too but it surprised him because it came in as soon as he sat down. Passed up a few others and then arrowed a black close to 400 pounds the second to the last day of his 4 day hunt on the No name bait.

Weather has went from the 70s to the 40s with hi wind.


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