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2015 has big changes at Atikwa

2015 is going to be a very different year at Atikwa lake lodge. We are only going to be open June and parts of August and September. I have to have knee surgery and can’t get in til early spring. I was going to have it done after this season but after elk hunting this season I realized I can’t wait any longer. Also I have a 25th wedding anniversary in early June and Samantha is graduating around that time also. I can’t miss these important family things anymore, I’ve missed too many in the last 10 years. We also are doing BIG repairs on the camp this year. All new roofs and a new permanent dock where the flooding damaged it last year. We can’t have people in camp while this is going on and it’s going to take at least 2 months… Maybe more, not sure.

So with the limited dates, PLEASE BOOK EARLY! I don’t want our regulars to miss out and new guests to not get a spot. On the upside for guests, there will be even less fishing pressure on the lake which is almost non existent anyway. Less people in camp, and a quieter year all around. Also our BEAR HUNT is still in full swing later in the season and already have a bunch of regulars booked for late. With the great gas prices ¬†and high USD it’s a great year to come to Canada



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