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Aug.25 Huge Cinnamon bear hitting !!!

Check out our trail cam pics of the 2 cinnamon bear we have hitting our baits. One is a True Giant bear, easy over 400 pounds, possibly quite a bit more. The other is a nice shooter that anyone should be happy with. On the picture the date is wrong for the bigger of the 2. Trail cam has been smashed by bear so many times it won’t let us set time and date anymore. The pics are in the last 3 days. We have several very nice blacks coming in and many smaller ones we have to be careful to pass up if you want a trophy.

Ontario has only 3 percent color phase bear and here at Atikwa we’ve had cinnamon a on our trail cams every year. We definitely have a cinnamon gene in this are which is extremely rare in these parts. Keep checking the pics because as fall comes more and more bears will be hitting the baits.


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