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2016 is filling up fast

Usually this is kind of the dead time of year when we get few people booking early. This year has been completely different. We’ve had our regulars booking super early and quite a few who have been up before but due to the economy hasn’t been able to come lately. We already have most of September booked for bear hunts and June for fishing is filling up fast. We won’t be opening until Memorial Day weekend this year. No more of trying to get people in towards the beginning of may. We had to give deposits back too many times and all of us sitting in a motel up here waiting for ice to go off. The new dock and metal roofs turned out great this year. Jake and Justin did an awesome job. It will be nice to have the camp back to normal this next year and not hauling tons of lumber and metal and piles of old shingles laying around. 2016 won’t have any huge projects other than putting in a new east dock, new 2 man ladder stands to replace the old singles and a few smaller things. And of course whatever big thing breaks on us next year. Something seems to always happen so we’ve just gotten used to getting ready as soon as some money has been saved up, something’s gonna happen. The Canadian dollar has been less in 2015 and is supposed to stay that way for awhile so our USD gets u a better deal on things now. If you have any questions or want to book the best way to get me is text to 262-893-5987 or email My cell doesn’t work good at our house so contact me those ways and I can call u back. Also deposits need to be sent in as soon as possible due to the high demand no reservations can be made without them. We’ve had too many people not give deposits over the years, tell us their group number and then only half show up and I just took them on their word. My fault I guess.

Can’t wait for 2016 and look forward to seeing all our old friends again, plus make some new ones



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