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May 10 2016 Extreme forest fire danger

The ice is off and Jake and I are getting ready to get into camp. We are currently waiting for our permits that will let us into Canada and then permits to get to camp. We hate this time of year having to deal with government regulations and people who don’t care if we’re there or not. They really make you jump thru hoops just to get to the camp we own. A big thing that is going on in Canada is the forest fires in Alberta and now in Ontario. I was contacted by the Kenora district MNR that we are in extreme forest fire danger conditions. That means NO fires of any kind not contained in a structure. Unfortunately that means no shore lunches. Anybody caught having any outside fires will be thrown out of Canada at their expense. I’m obligated to tell every guest this as they come into camp. The good news is this can change at any minute and has rarely lasted long. I’ll keep you in formed of any changes


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