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Enjoy Mother Nature. Shut your electronics off for once!!

so far it’s been a much cooler than average season. Days in 60s and low 70s and nights in the low 50s. I love it. But now we’re going to see some days in the 80s and sunny. Still pretty wet up here so we don’t need any rain for awhile. Our new freezer is up and running and saving us on our power supply. We have missed most of the big storms so our dock has been holding up well. Our Satellite TV is still down and probably won’t be working til August and our new wi/fi has been a disappointment. Guests have been coming up and using our wi/fi like they do at home. 120% of our data was used up in 2 days and it’s slow as can be. We have the largest wilderness package you can buy, $340 per month, and we can barely use it because everybody is abusing it.

PLEASE DONT COME UP TO WATCH NETFLIX.! We have the data capacity to watch Netflix for an hour and then all of it will be gone. We keep telling people not to use it or FaceTime or download anything but they keep doing it. Next year I don’t know if we’re going to have it in camp. It’s just not worth it when people can’t keep off their phones and laptops. I would think people would want to get away from those stupid things sometimes but I guess not. Flying in to a pristine wilderness area should be entertaining enough and you’re going to miss the purpose of being here when you have your face plastered to your phone all the time.

Shut the electronics off for a few days, actually look at how beautiful Mother Nature is, and go catch some fish instead. You’ll love it!


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