Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

Fall is here

As I look out the office window it looks like a November day in Wisconsin. Windy, big waves, cool temps, I love it. Feels like hunting season. I think the 80s are gone for good hopefully. Next week his are all in the 60s so perfect for bear hunting. Fishing should take a little hit until the weather stabilizes again. Shouldn’t take long. A few of the improvements in camp lately is a new walkway to cabin 7, gravel walkways to cabins 6 and 8. Makes it much nicer when it’s wet up here. We also have a brand new OUTHOUSE! I’m sure everyone will be thrilled. We have composting, vented toilets in all cabins but we never had a camp outhouse. We’ve had some issues with people going back to a cabin to use the bathrooms while they wait for planes. This screws us up if we’ve already cleaned the cabins. Now they can use our beautiful new outhouse. Always something exciting happening here at Atikwa Lake Lodge


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