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2016 bear hunt begins monday

This should be an excellent bear hunt here at Atikwa this year. We have more and bigger bear hitting than we’ve ever seen. Our new bait this year has worked out great and their coming to the popcorn and mix like crazy. We have several new baits this year and all are getting hit hard. We have a many shooters coming to the same baits and then some real bruiser bear coming to several. It will be up to the hunters now to make a good, clean, vitals shot and to judge them correctly. We’ve had problems in years past with both of these tasks. You MUST take both lungs with your shot or that bear will run too far in this Canadian bush to ever find them. People from the states don’t realize what the Canadian bush is like. There’s no meadows and openings you can casually stroll thru. It’s complete, nasty, rain forest type jungle. We had some guests recently that could not even target shoot properly when they practiced before they went out. We do have a policy here that if we think you don’t possess the skills necessary to make a clean kill, you will not be allowed to hunt. Hit them properly or we won’t find them and their wasted! The next is judging size. It’s very hard to do. We go thru pics with you on what to look for to tell if it’s a shooter or not. Ultimately though it’s on the hunter to harvest only what he’s going to be happy with. When u take a bear and believe it’s too small for your liking you might as well be happy. It’s dead, you killed it, end of story. It’s a big help to study what size a shooter is by looking at pics in the Internet before your hunt. It really helps you in the long run and makes for a far more enjoyable hunt. We can’t wait for the hunt to start, now we need cooperation with the weather and things should be great



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