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Lake Condition and what’s new this year

The lake is about a foot low on its level but nothing to worry about. I kinda like it this way. We had planned on having all new Yamaha motors this year. They’ve all been paid for and even delivered, then we found out they sent us short shaft motors instead of long. We had to hurry and get out etecs on the boats and it looks like we’ll be using these for the season. Yamaha can’t get us the correct ones til end of august. After 13 years up here I’m more surprised if the businesses up here do something right than wrong. Could be worse I guess. On the bright side NEXT year we’ll have all new motors on the boats. We have a new ATV for hauling gear and some new depth finders and 2 new portage lake motors.

Its supposed to be rainy the next few days so we’ll see what it does to the bite. It’s been excellent so hoping it continues for the Owen/Sesemann group that has taken the whole camp for the week. If ya know anybody who wants to come fishing we just lost 15 people for the first week in June. One of the best weeks of the year we have 6 people in camp. I guess I’ll get fishing a little


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