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2015 has big changes at Atikwa

2015 is going to be a very different year at Atikwa lake lodge. We are only going to be open June and parts of August and September. I have to have knee surgery and can’t get in til early spring. I was going to have it done after this season but after elk hunting thisContinue Reading

September 10

Fishing has been good lately. Dean, Evan, josh and steve from Ohio caught their limit of everything like usual. Made us a great steak dinner and helped us drag a bear out of the woods. Thanks to all of them for the help but especially the very young at heart, strong as a bull andContinue Reading

Cinnamon/blonde bear taken! Plus more

The last 2 weeks have been excellent bear hunting. Pete Hohn and Dez Weber each arrowed nice bear and made it easy on us making perfect shots. Pete’s had a nice white patch on it, perfect for a full body mount. They saw a few other bear but had some weather issues to begin theContinue Reading

August 21

We just got done with a bad week of fishing. Seemed like everything was just following or not hitting at all. Pretty much the hottest water temp of the year always coincides with a drop in the fishing for a week or 2. Musky have been just following, but lots of them. I guided theContinue Reading

Aug.25 Huge Cinnamon bear hitting !!!

Check out our trail cam pics of the 2 cinnamon bear we have hitting our baits. One is a True Giant bear, easy over 400 pounds, possibly quite a bit more. The other is a nice shooter that anyone should be happy with. On the picture the date is wrong for the bigger of theContinue Reading

August 4

The Joe and Jennifer Becherer family just flew away today and we’re gonna miss them. They drove all the way from Texas to come to Atikwa lake lodge and they did real well. Joe, Jennifer and 5 boys all caught their limits, did real well on walleye in Old camp lake and saw and caughtContinue Reading


Bear are finally coming to the baits regularly and have some nice ones coming in. Blueberry crop is only moderate this year so that helps. Starting some new baits tomorrow for a test and will have some more coming up. Todd

August 1

Its been very nice weather up here for this time of year. Not too hot and humid. The lake trout are still hitting jigging but trolling seems to be working a little better. I guided last week and still caught some in 15′ of water trolling for pike, so you never know where they’ll be.Continue Reading

Braided line. A scam on the North American fisherman

FISH CAN SEE LINE! The new fishing  lines all the tackle places sell today, ie spider wire, triple braid, etc are not necessary. They are made to pull 8 pound bass out of heavy cover, or cast for large northern and musky. But most people have them on ALL their reels. For walleye, trout, andContinue Reading

High water is causing logs and debris

The hi water is causing a lot of logs and other things to be pulled off of the shore line. A boat hit a floating log a few days ago and completely ruined our stainless steel skag protector. It did save the lower unit which saved the 2 guys $1500, so be very careful. TheContinue Reading