Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

September fishing

now that cool temps are here it should finally make the lakers more aggressive. We’ve found giant schools of them but thy have been hitting slow. Had some great catches but not as many as usual. Northerns have been doing well and the bigger ones getting caught deeper. Marv Burd from California caught his biggest one ever in musky bay, a 38″ fatty. Cullen Baxter had a 40 plus right up to the net and his dad muffed it. That’s what I was told anyways. He also caught a 28″ walleye fly fishing by the waterfall. Kinda different. John Kubicek and his wife got into some big walleye. 25-29″. Nothing they can keep but some big ones. Al Benesema got a 38″ northern on the north end also. Walleye on the main lake are big but almost impossible to catch keepers. Nobody’s been to the musky lake portage in a long time so that might not be fished til next year again. We’re running out of time up here for this season. We gotta get home by October so we don’t miss duck hunting


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