Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

June 12 Cold spring

The water temperature is still very cold for this time of year. We had a few hot days but then went right back to cold. That means the fish are fairly shallow yet. Northern have been lethargic due to the water temps but we’ve gotten a couple over 40” and a bunch in the 30s. Jon and Kyle caught 5 in the 30”s off the dock yesterday. Trout are all over the place with trolling spoons or jigging is working great. Some catches of 40 + fish in an hour or so has happened a lot so far. A 34” fatty trout is the biggest so far but lots and lots of nice ones. A 29” walleye was caught yesterday by a 13 year old girl fishing with her grandpa so that’s a memory she’ll never forget. I always like those stories. Lots of walleye being caught with several pushing 30” but none have got there yet. Bugs are kinda bad this year anytime the wind quits blowing so if it gets calm the black flys start bothering u. Ticks are not too bad but u better be in your cabin after dark cuz the mosquitoes will carry u away. Not much for mayfly hatches so that’s kept the fishing consistent.


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