Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

August 28 2017

fishing has been excellent on the main lake. Jim  with Rosbacka group got a 33″ monster trout. Zudyk’s group also got a huge 31″.they really put on the pounds after they get to 30″+.  I fished quite a bit last week with my daughter Sam. We got tons of trout with her getting the biggest, a 28″ fatty. We got around 60 walleye one afternoon in a portage lake and got quite a few 30+”northern trolling crankbaits on the main lake. Caught several trout in 15′ of water trolling northern. The trout are stacked up off some points like you can’t believe. The screen on the depth finders are nothing but fish from top to bottom. Catches of 30-40 at a time are common with the sizes getting better all the time. We don’t have a lot of fisherman left for the season, we had to cancel quite a few due to the fire. It’s hard to believe but we only have a few more weeks of the 2017 season, I’ve noticed life goes faster the older I get. Weather has been nice and cool, fall is here.



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