Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

Start of Season

season has started and the first guests left yesterday. Terry Holloways group caught about 400 trout and some nice sized pike. They’re almost exclusively after trout and they do great year after year. This year the average size was bigger than normal they said. They like to troll but if you want to get bigger numbers you want to jig for trout. The slot in front of camp is filling up with trout and the bay near Head bay is really full of them. Nobody has fished walleye yet but they are for sure in their post spawn pattern. We had a really early spring here so everything is a bit later than usual. Water temp is still cool though so trout can be caught anywhere in the water column from right on surface to 80′. As the water warms it will concentrate them more and the jigging will get fantastic. Northern will be at the mouths of the bays, not way back in them. Rock piles, points and sunken islands are best. Walleye, go to the portage lakes. We have 2 new motors coming next week for them. Water level is just about perfect. Watch out for the rocks!


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