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Happy New Year

I thought I would let everyone know what’s going on up at ATIKWA. Nothing. Border is still closed with no information on when it may open. I’ve been having a lot of people asking if the border will be open by May. I have no idea, I wish I did. I hate this not knowing what’s going to happen and if I’ll have a job this year. It was very strange not working for the first time since I was 14. Not having a job isn’t as great as it sounds when ur working hard and would like a break. I found out you don’t get paid when you don’t have a job😂 luckily Susie Jake and I have been very blessed so while it hurts not to have money coming in and still having lots of Canadian costs we don’t have to worry about going under or anything like that. It’s a good lesson for younger people. GET YOUR DEBTS PAID OFF. You never know what life is going to throw at you. I mean who would have thought there would be a pandemic, crazy.

So if something big happens and if your financially sound you can weather it. If your drowning in debt, it’s over. With that said the people in NW Ontario are really suffering. They depend on the tourist trade that has completely bottomed out with no relief in sight. The government has done nothing but offer low interest loans that don’t help when you have no income to pay them back. So please when the world gets back to normal come back to NW Ontario to help these people who are losing everything.

Most of all Take Care and Stay Safe


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