Canadian Wilderness Fly-in Fishing and Hunting Trips

June 12 2019

It’s been a very cool spring up here so far. With the exception of a few days in a row near 90 it went right back down to the 50s. Water level is about normal but the trails into portage lakes are a little wet. Things have been going well with a few exceptions. Our solar batteries are starting to get bad so I’ve had to order a new bank of 16. Not sure when they’re arriving into town and then it will take a lot of work to get 16, 350 pound batteries in here and then installed. Probably won’t get done til end of season. So we’ve been telling people to have a flashlight handy Incase the power goes out during the night. I have to get up and turn generator on several times during night to keep power going to camp and sometimes I’m a little late. During the day it’s still working fine. Our new cabin is working out great with no complaints. We’ve been trying to get as many guests using it as possible so they can see how nice it is. Our new camp dog is working out well. An 8 month old German Shorthair named Stormy. But she’s a handful. The first day in camp she ate mouse poison and I had to rush her to Fort Frances emergency vet and got there in the middle of the night just in time. Then she ate old fish cooking oil some guests left out and was sick for a couple days and now she’s running around with a bandage on her foot cuz she sliced her pad on something. Hopefully she survives the year.🙂


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