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Beginning of 2019

MAY 15 2019

Jake just got into camp today and found some ice damage on new cabin deck. Ice came off roof and sheared railing completely off. Some large animal chewed a new, big hole into the kitchen but we have had worse damage. Ice went out 6 days ago so that’s about the time we want. Water temps should stay cool and fish stay shallow for a long time although it all depends on springtime weather. We don’t have lots of changes this year except the new cabin is completed thank God. Took way too long and a real nightmare but it turned out great. Except nobody wants the old cabins now🙂. I’ll be getting into camp late due to my daughter, Samantha, graduating college. I can’t believe it, just yesterday it seems she was 7 fishing trout with me on Atikwa. Instead, last year she shot a bear. I don’t know where the years have gone. I’ll be bringing a new camp dog with me, Stormy the German Shorthair. She’s 8 months old from Idaho and a real sweet dog. I miss Dukes mellowness though. She’s a hard driving hunting dog already pointing and retrieving birds. We’ll see how many hooks I have to take out of her. Everybody drive safe and don’t leave messages on my phone, I won’t get them. Text or email please. Check fishing report and I’ll tell u what to bring early. Cheers


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