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May Fishing Recap

May was a great month to be at Atikwa Lake, the Holloway group as well as Dave and Sarah Stuehr were the first guests to arrive in camp this spring. the Holloway group caught 630 trout over 4 days of fishing, it’s safe to say they all left camp with sore arms and shoulders! Dave and Sarah caught some beautiful Pike in Tail bay ( always a great spring spot) as well as did some adventuring into a few back lakes. The Harnett family had a great week spanning from May 26th to June 2nd. They caught a bit of everything and enjoyed swimming in the lake with our unusually warm spring this year. Their favourite swimming hole was at the base of the waterfall on Waterfall Lake as they could swim and catch fish non stop at the same time. the current there makes it one of the best spring spots in the area. Bob and family spent a day on on beartrap lake and did a number on the walleyes in there as well. check out our photo album page to see some photos of their trips!

it’s been in the 90’s here the last week to 10 days, which is unusually warm for this time of year. the surface temps are already up over 70 degrees in most places, we need a few good gusts of wind to knock them back down. hopefully the heat breaks early this week and we can enjoy some more typical weather for this time of year.

can’t wait to see everybody on the dock!

Kyle & Niisch

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