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Hot and Humid

Our first guests of the year left yesterday and they all did very good. The frank Hansen group had the best fishing of all the 6 years they have come up, with Ralph Oestmann taking a big 32″ laker right by camp in the evening. Iwas sad to see Frank leave since it was the first time he’s been up since his father Herm passed away a few years ago. Herm loved Atikwa and we became great friends. I miss him.

Dan and Jon of the Terry Holloway group caught lots of trout and explored all over the lake. We hardly saw them in camp, they were fishing so much. They were the only ones who could change their trip after the rest of the group got bumped due to ice. Dan, Jon, Terry and Bruce are coming back in September this year to try fall laker fishing instead of early may. Very different but better.

Every year we have a group from Amasons Obabikon Bay Lodge on lake of the Woods come fishing for the day. We always have fun teaching some novice laker fisherman how to jig for trout. Thursday was very hot, sunny and flat so we were a little worried. We had to work for them but 8 guys ended up with around 40 trout in about 6 hours. Really helped to keep the boat very slowly moving and sweeping your rod in 4′ strokes with your diver vibe. They weren’t concentrated so covering more area really helped. We had shore lunch and they all took their limit of trout home. Something you can’t do on Lake of the Woods.

Its been like July weather up here for the last week. We went from dead of winter to dead of summer. Why isn’t there a spring anymore!

– Todd

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