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Atikwalakelodge is open for 2014

Ice went out even later than last year so a very late start to the 2014 season. Water is very cold and extremely high. Bring rubber boots since our boat house has flooded and you will be up to your ankles at least. We barely got the camp ready in time for our guests today due to the winter being very hard on it. Power lines were down, circuit boards on the generator fried, our east dock smashed by the ice and too many other things to mention. We don’t have signs to the portage lakes up yet or have walked in to them. For sure they will be very wet. Weather has been very nice, even warmer than normal so that has helped the opening. The good news is all the important things are done and we didn’t have to cancel anybody else. Jake and I are here as normal, Alex has left for a normal life close to Toronto and we miss him, but Patti is back cooking and a new employee, Eric Hibbertt is with us and working out great.

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