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March 13 2020 Coronovirus

Its hard to believe I’m having to write this message but I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from guests about crossing the border with the Corona virus taking over and I’ve actually had some cancellations. Opening of camp is over 2 months away and I would think the world will be getting back to normal before 2 months, but I guess who knows? I would never have believed the world would have gotten to this point over a type of flu virus. Some of our cancellations are for JULY! If the world is still shut down in July I would say everyone should stay home because none of us will have any retirement savings left and no jobs. Everyone has a different take on this and if you are actually scared to travel I suppose you shouldn’t. But we also can’t live our life in fear. If you’re going to do that, then u may as well get the virus and move on to the other side. If you don’t want to live in fear, go to work, have fun, enjoy the life we have left, travel, have the normal amount of toilet paper on hand and most importantly…..



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