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Canadian government gives more bad news

The Canada border service agency contacted me today to say they are canceling all work permit applications until May 23 with a good chance of extension. Jake and I had applied for our yearly work permit as usual in the hopes that this border closure would end in time for us to open camp like usual. This means at earliest we could apply May 24 and usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive them. That takes us well in to June and rules right now are we would have to quarantine in Kenora for 14 days before being allowed into camp. With all our equipment, boats, motors, generator, solar all sitting for over a year we would need minimum 2 weeks to get ready, maybe more. What I’m getting at is while the 2021 season is not canceled yet, because there still is a remote chance, it’s not looking good. Ontario just enacted another stay at home order today and their vaccines are taking longer than expected. I can’t believe these poor Canadians have been at a stay at home order for months! I don’t know how they’re coping. So while I’m not saying we won’t open for 2021 yet, unless something changes I’m probably gonna call it in 2-3 weeks. Please call or email any questions u may have . 262-893-5987 I’m sure sorry this is happening. Stay safe. -Todd

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