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BEAR HUNTING HAS STARTED Weather has been terrible

The bear hunt has started with 2 hunters from Oklahoma. Hudd Pfizer harvested a nice one right away but then the weather turned bad. Pouring rain and 30-40 mph winds for the next 6 days. Zach Derrick saw several bear but passed on them but then at the last minute of the last evening he shot a nice bear. Both guys hit the animals perfectly with their arrows and were EZ to recover. We always appreciate that. Too many hunters don’t practice enough or fall apart when they see the bear and make a poor shot. Fishing has been terrible and almost impossible to do with the crazy wind. When we could get out the fish were not hitting much. Hudd did get some fishing in and did well on trout but the walleye and northern fishing has been bad. Now the huge weather front is thru and the fishing should pick up fast. There’s a week before more hunters come in and we have new bear hitting all the time. The fishing should start to get real good now that the temps are turning fall like and we are getting into my favorite time of the year. Northern and musky will be hitting larger lures, big rattle traps, Mepps musky killers and even topwater lures. Walleye, white twister tails and 1/4 oz jigs, trout, zingers, and diver vibes.

Cheers! Todd

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