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2020 season is closed due to virus and too many cancellations

I’m sorry I haven’t updated this in a month and a half but I just haven’t had any information to share. I’ve been trying to find out when border would open and was hoping it would by June 1. It’s not going to, so the miracle I was hoping for isn’t going to happen. I’m very sorry to say we are not going to open under any circumstances in 2020. It’s not even a matter of when the border opens anymore, we have had too many cancellations to even think about opening. The way it is we’re going to lose about $60k with insurances, fees, and taxes and that doesn’t include losing my whole years wage. If we open With the amount of reservations that are left we would lose over $100k. At this point we have to try to lose as little as possible. We can weather this storm, luckily we have been good savers our whole life (Thanks Dad for the education when I was young) but there is going to be many lodge owners, our employees, and all the businesses who completely rely on us that is going to be hurting deeply. Especially in these small, remote communities. I’m sorry to everyone about having to cancel their trips but I don’t know what else to do. One good point is I’ll be able to spend a whole summer with my family, first time in 16 years! I will try to get ahold of everyone personally to tell you, and feel free to email or text to 262-893-5987. Everyone can get their deposits back or roll them over to next year. Completely up to you. I’ve already have many deposits to mail back so please be patient. I do worry about the camp since we are not even allowed to go up so I hope it’s ok sitting for a year and a half. I can’t believe this has happened, and I worry about how long this will continue. I think the world has permanently changed for a while…probably a long time. I guess we gotta just think how great a Canadian fishing or hunting trip will feel in 2021!
I will greatly miss seeing all my regulars who have become friends over the last 16 years and pray you all stay safe and healthy in this crazy world we now live in.


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